Submission Guidelines

What to Submit

On-topic: Anything someone working at the intersection of technology & the arts would find interesting or useful. That includes both creative inspiration in the form of innovative projects, as well as practical tools and resources such as open source code repositories.

Off-topic: If it doesn't fall under the categories of both arts and technology, chances are good it doesn't belong. We want to keep this site tightly focused, but still allow for a diversity of topics and a certain element of serendipity, so tech stories that are indicative of some larger trend but don't have a clear culture angle may find their way on here, but sparingly. No general news items, politics, sports, or adorable cat videos, please. And absolutely no affiliate links.

In Submissions

Please don't do things to make titles stand out, like using uppercase or exclamation points, or adding a parenthetical remark saying how great an article is. It's implicit in submitting something that you think it's important.

If you submit a link to a video or pdf, please warn us by appending [video] or [pdf] to the title.

Please submit the original source. If a blog post reports on something they found on another site, submit the latter.

If the original title includes the name of the site, please take it out, because the site name will be displayed after the link anyway.

In Comments

Be civil. Don't say things you wouldn't say in a face-to-face conversation.

Please don't use uppercase for emphasis. It's annoying.

Please don't submit comments complaining that a submission is inappropriate for the site. If you think something is spam or off-topic, flag it by clicking on the "flag this" link.

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[Site inspiration and submission guidelines lovingly cribbed from Hacker News]